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Holding a preview is always a worry. What was the worst part for you?

Well, not knowing how many people would come or worrying that no one would actually turn up was the worst thing for me. Luckily a lot did and it was a great turn out.


What made you think of serving tea and cakes rather than the more customary wine and nibbles?

The original idea was to have just tea and cakes, but it was so hot we decided to serve Pimms too. When I have gone round gardens in Oxfordshire in the Open Gardens scheme home made cakes have always been served by the local WI and these have always gone down well.              


What was the most unexpected thing about the evening?

Well, strangely enough people seemed to read the captions I had written for each picture. When I looked at them later there were too many of them and they were far too long! I reckon People were remebering their school days and the work sheets they had to fill in - I'll be testing you on them later!

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